Easter Egg Decorating- Melted Crayon

To mark the beginning of the Easter holiday I have decided to post a series of crafts that are fun to do with your little  ones. These are melted crayon decorated eggs. They work better on white eggs but unfortunately we couldn't find any.The idea is that the shells of the boiled eggs are warm enough to melt the wax of the crayons giving a more vivid colour and an easier consistency for drawing.
To begin you can either hard boil or blow the eggs ( making small holes in the shell to blow the contents of the egg out), I would suggest hard boiling because the shells stay warmer longer but my daughter is fussy about eating them so we opted for blown eggs. One advantage of blow eggs is that they don't go off as they are empty shells but they are a lot more fragile.
To blow the eggs make a small hole either end of the egg, with a metal BBQ skewer or similar implement, about 5mm across so it's big enough to fit a straw through as this helps break up the yoke and encourage it out of the other hole. We did this over a Tupper where so that we could make scrambled eggs afterwards.
Boil your eggs, drain and hold in a tea towel or napkin to protect your fingers  and begin drawing. If the crayons begin returning to normal consistency you can let the egg sit on the bottom of the still hot pan to warm up again.

Be more customer centric- we're featured in Eventbrite's blog!


here we are feature under the name of our umbrella company Amelia Veasey Shoes in a lovely blog about customer service by Eventbrite. heres what they had to say!

" 4. Keep it personal

Offering a personal service is something all companies should aim for. It’s easier to do this as a small business, but arguably more important the larger your company grows. Making a customer feel special is proven way to maintain loyalty.

Personalising the customer experience could range from offering a consistent point of contact that is familiar with the customer and their account, to suggesting well thought out products they might be interested in based on their purchase history.

Amelia Veasey runs the small, handmade sustainable children’s shoes company Amelia Veasey Shoes. She says: “As a small company I have the opportunity to really tailor everything I do around the customer, especially as I do all the making and sourcing myself.

“This can be anything from hand delivering a pair of shoes to a customer because they need them by a very specific time or a design specification, like a change to the embroidery.

“When I sell a pair of shoes I start with a conversation to find out exactly what type of things they want. Sometimes something new needs to be made but the focus is always about how to tailor what I make to what my customer wants.”

She adds: “All our shoes have been tested extensively by a very vocal group of parents who have been key in helping me to keep an open dialogue. This helps me to grow the company along side what the customer wants.”

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14 March 2015


Welcome to Amelia Veasey Shoe's all new store! I'm going to be using this blog section to update you on news of anything that's going on here at Sew Soft and we have some exciting things in the pipeline so watch this space! I will also be using it to post craft and baking based tutorials that will be a bit of fun for you to do at home. As a kids brand a lot of these posts will be kid friendly craft and baking activities I'd love it if via social media,  if you feel like sharing your photos or comments about your results. Lets have fun!